30 killer whales attack yacht leaving Brit crew fearing for their lives

THE British crew of a luxury yacht feared for their lives as a pod of 30 killer whales attacked them.

The 25ft orcas slammed into the vessel’s hull for two hours — and one swam away with a chunk of the rudder.

The three-strong crew feared they would sink as the five-ton mammals rammed them.

Brit Martin Evans, 45, who lives in Greece, said: “It was an onslaught.”

Nathan Jones, 27, of New Milton, Hants, added: “I began to think: ‘Is this how it all ends?’

“If the boat had sunk we would have been in a life raft surrounded by killer whales. That would have be drastic.” The crew left Ramsgate, Kent, and were attacked near the Strait of Gibraltar, where the boat is now being fixed.

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