A ‘cursed’ yacht abandoned in Cape Town for 20 years goes to auction

A yacht built in 1976 for a famous American industrialist arrived in Cape Town 20 years ago. After years of neglect, it’s finally heading to a court-ordered auction.

Designed by renowned naval architects, Arthur de Fever and Doug Sharp, in the 1970s, the bland-looking superyacht near Sturrock Dock in Cape Town has lived a troubled and colourful life.

The vessel was originally designed and built for Roy Carver, an American millionaire and philanthropist who made his money in the business of retreading tires. In 1973, Carver’s firm earned a spot in Fortune’s top 1,000 companies.

Carver enlisted boatbuilders Maritima de Axpe in Bilbao, Spain, to construct a yacht based on the De Fever and Sharp’s design. But the shipyard’s progress was far too slow for Carver, who famously said in 1975 that he didn’t worry about money as much as he did about time.

The super yacht, named LAC III after Carver’s mother’s initials, never made it to the American businessman. Frustrated by delays, Carver had a new yacht, based on the same design, built by Feadship De Vries in the Netherlands. This vessel, LAC II, was completed 18 months before her sistership in Spain.

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