A new solution for electric portable propulsion

The Temo 450 is a portable, battery-powered motor for dinghies. It weighs less than 11 pounds and can silently deliver speeds approaching 3.5 knots for up to 80 minutes.

Users control the Temo 450 using a progressive trigger on the electric drive’s ambidextrous handle. A button changes the motor’s transmission from forward to reverse. The Temo 450′s telescoping design allows it to collapse from its 5-foot-7-inch operating length to just over 4 feet for transportation or stowage in its protective case.

Temo 450s are waterproof to IP67 standards and employ magnetic keys that attach to a user’s wrist via a safety lanyard and act like circuit breakers when detached. The motors can be handheld; however, Temo supplies them with an oarlock-style stern mount.

“The hardest parts for us have been bringing the product to market in this year of a global health crisis,” says Justine Perussel, Temo’s marketing and sales director, adding that the production plant was closed for two months and access to the water was forbidden, even for R&D work. “The team reorganised all the tasks according to their importance and successfully delivered its first unit during summer 2020.”

Temo 450s use high-efficiency propellers that reside within hydrodynamically neutral nozzles with integral blade guards.

A smart solution to the problem of propulsion from French manufacturer Temo. Stay tuned to motoryacht.com.au for all the latest in boating gear and technology releases.

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