Aquila give us tips on how to care for your catamaran

Whether you set off on long excursions, or prefer day boating, taking proper care of your Aquila is important. Boat maintenance is more than changing the oil and washing your boat. Running various checks on your boat each time you head out on the water is essential.

Use this easy checklist to ensure maximum performance from your Aquila Power Catamaran:

Before Heading Out

  • Search the entire exterior of your boat for damage. Since growth may affect your vessel’s performance, be sure to inspect below the waterline as well.
  • Check that shore power cords, connections, and shore power dock pedestals are functioning and free of damage.
  • Inspect your engine(s) and generator(s) (if applicable for any issues). Make sure all fluid levels are satisfactory per manufacturer’s requirements.
  • If you have an outboard motor, are your propellers okay? For inboard engines, look at all shafts, belts, and strainers. Verify strainers are free of clogs.
  • Ensure bilges are dry and free of liquid accumulation. If any liquid is found, resolve the issue before setting off.
  • Power up systems and check battery voltage. 
  • Check fuel, fresh water, and holding tank levels.
  • Turn on all electronics and start your engine(s). Once warmed up, check if gauges are functioning properly and are within the manufacturer’s acceptable margins. 
  • Confirm the generator is producing enough power to run all systems by disconnecting from the shore power and transferring it to the generator. 

Back at Shore

  • Remember to plan for black water disposal, as per local regulations. In addition, treat the system as part of your routine maintenance plan.
  • Once you’ve tied up securely to the dock, it’s clean up time! Don’t forget to first make sure all hatches and watertight enclosures are shut and sealed. Wash down exterior surfaces with fresh water.
  • Shut down all systems not needed, and leave battery charges on.
  • Check engines, bays, and verify if it might be time to schedule engine service per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Turn off all lights and lock the door so your Aquila will be secure and ready to go for your next adventure.

These handy tips could be useful for any catamaran or motor yacht owner as we gear up for summer in Australia!

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