Boating state by state during lockdown

With the majority of Australians facing the current proposition of lockdown, it is important as a motor yacht owner or enthusiast to know what you can and can’t do and when you can and can’t go.

With history seeming to repeat itself and COVID prevalent across all of Australia’s states here are important and useful links to find out what the lockdown means for you and your motor yacht wherever you are.

Each state has its own way of managing boating during a lockdown so it is best to review the requirements before heading out. If you are considering heading out on a boat then take 10 minutes to view you local state maritime authority guidelines as well as the Boating Industry Association’s website.

To see the New South Wales guidelines click here.

To see boating guidelines in Victoria click here.

For Tasmania click here.

For Queensland click here.

For South Australia click here.

For Northern Territory click here.

For Western Australia click here.

Be safe and enjoy yourself out there whatever you decide to do. We hope to be back on the water ourselves soon enough.

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