EcoFlow DELTA Max is the perfect portable energy solution for motor yacht owners

Portable Power and Renewable Energy Solutions company EcoFlow has shared details of the newest member of its DELTA product line, complete with modular expandable storage capacity and other new features. EcoFlow’s arsenal of power stations and solar panels has already established the brand as a major player in energy on the go, and its new EcoFlow DELTA Max will push customer’s capabilities when it becomes available for order in late September.

EcoFlow provides eco-friendly energy storage solutions that offer some of the fastest charging technology on the market, with capabilities to charge 0-80% in under an hour. Previously, EcoFlow has found success with its energy storage solutions preceding the new DELTA Max, such as the RIVER Portable Power Station and the DELTA Portable Power Station.

With the new DELTA Max option, EcoFlow implores customers to “Unleash your capacity,” whether it’s emergency home power, energy for outdoor lovers, or power for professionals working remotely.

Speaking of capacity, this new power station delivers 2,016Wh but can triple to 6,048Wh with the help of two DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries as add-ons.

The main DELTA Max unit offers X-Boost Technology, which allows it to power some devices up to 3400W. That’s enough energy to power 99% of appliances, should your home face a power outage or climate emergency. Or perhaps you decide to bring your whole fridge on a game-day tailgate — that’ll work too.

As for DC output, this power station has a variety of plugs to provide substantial power no matter where you are. This includes 2 x USB-A ports, 2 x USB-A fast charge ports, 2 x USB-C 100W ports, 1 car power outlet, and 2 x DC5521 ports.

While the new EcoFlow DELTA Max station delivers industry-leading output, its charge speeds top competitors in true EcoFlow fashion. This is thanks to the company’s patented X-Stream technology, providing the DELTA Max with capabilities to fast recharge at max 1800W from an AC charger at home. This method can recharge your new power station from 0-100% in just 1.8 hours.

If that’s not fast enough charging for you, fear not. You can now combine AC charging on the DELTA Max with EcoFlow’s Smart Generator, adding an additional 1600W, totalling 3400W.

If you prefer to save the gasoline-powered Smart Generator for emergencies only, you can purchase EcoFlow’s Solar Panels to combine with your AC charge, reaching charge rates up to 2600W.

As an addition to the EcoFlow DELTA Max, these solar panels have the capability to provide unlimited (and significantly more efficient) energy back to your power station. This method is perfect for camping or RV trips or extended trips on a boat or yacht.

Worried about garnering solar power in inclement weather? EcoFlow’s solar panels are programmed to efficiently gather power in various weather conditions using an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) smart algorithm. This helps each panel actively detect the voltage and current in real-time to reach the maximum power point throughout the day.

Recreation and emergency use aside, the EcoFlow DELTA Max can provide efficient and rechargeable energy anywhere, whether it’s on a remote worksite off the grid or a film shoot on the open water.

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