Longreach 58 begins to take shape

The first hull of the new Longreach 58 power catamaran is being built, as construction ramps up and development of the high performance long range cruiser takes shape.  

Longreach 58 under construction on the Longreach 58
The Longreach 58 is now beginning to come to life

As the first pictures indicate the highly efficient displacement hull shape is clearly evident as are the extended reverse bow design, spray chines and bridge deck wave breaker that will help enable the boat to cruise at speeds up to 25 knots, but importantly motor very efficiently between 10-15 knots allowing long range cruising.   

Vacuum bagging of the foam core bulkheads has also been progressing rapidly as the structure takes form. No balsa core is used either through the hull or bulkheads, with the superior foam core used to reduce weight and potential for rot in the future.  A team of experienced boat builders are bringing the Longreach 58 to life with technology designed to keep weight down, while the design now incorporates a closed in flybridge and construction to Lloyds standards.  

Vacuum bagging as part of the construction process for the Longreach 58
Vacuum bagging of the foam core bulkheads has been progressing rapidly as the structure takes form

Hulls #1 and #2 are currently under construction and expected to be complete during mid 2022. Limited production is available for boats in late 2022 or early 2023 at this stage.  

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