Maritimo S60 Design Deep Dive: A Discussion with Tom Barry-Cotter

2021 has been a particularly exciting year for any Maritimo enthusiast, with the announcement of the S60 marking Maritimo’s 6th major announcement of the year. The all new S60 is a complete reimagination of what a sedan model should be and aims to breathe modernity into Maritimo’s sedan range.

I had a chance to sit down with Maritimo’s Lead Designer, Tom Barry-Cotter, in order to discuss the all new S60 both inside and out.

Galley onboard Maritimo S60
The galley is fully equipped for onboard living

What were you aiming to achieve with the S60 when looking at other vessels in the Maritimo S range?

The S60 comes as part of a wider strategy to complete the Maritimo range, leaving no gaps in the model line-up.

In the sedan range for Maritimo, the S60 has completely replaced the S59 which, in fairness, was a good model for us. However, the S60 is a total reimagination and restructuring of what a sedan should be, with an all-new exterior form, and the addition of the hardtop utility deck and adventure deck as seen on the S55 earlier this year.

Furthermore, internally the S60 continues to evolve away from the 59, with a spacious longitudinal master stateroom complete with a fore and aft master king bed, proving to be totally superior in terms of interior layout.

But ultimately, the S60 was created to complete and improve the Maritimo range. Boats in the S Series should by definition be long range offshore cruising vessels that are stable, efficient and comfortable. The S60 carries all the hallmarks of a Maritimo, being a dependably engineered, shaft driving vessel, constructed and designed with quality in mind.

For those Australians who will be doing coastal or long-range trips, this boat is extremely capable. Moreover, the S60 is the perfect weekender compared to some of our flybridge vessels, with the added ability of being able to berth the boat up rivers, with total bridge clearance. It is an extremely versatile boat that could be a perfect fit for a number of owners and a variety of needs. Many do prefer the coupe sedan shape, and the S Series also obviously has less stairs making it in some ways much more functional and convenient for many of our repeat customers.

Saloon onboard Maritimo S60
The saloon onboard is an excellent social space with plenty of seating space

What led to the clear focus on exterior spaces with the S60?

That all begins with the design of that hardtop utility deck, making use of an area usually redundant onboard any other coupe or sedan motor yacht. With the S60 having such a wide array of potential owners, the hardtop utility deck gives owners the flexibility to store or carry a range of different equipment, toys, or tenders without taking up valuable real estate.

The adventure deck onboard the S60 is huge, and I would say that this is where the S60 really separates itself from the rest. The space is extremely comfortable for large groups and continues this idea of versatility, perfect for barbequing, relaxing in deck chairs, swimming snorkelling or scuba diving, this expansive space proves to be great for entertaining and does not impose on the rest of the boat, being completely separated from the upper cockpit alfresco dining area. It is an extremely open and expansive space.

You also then have versatility in terms of storage there as well, with the ability to store a tender or a jet ski on the deck and still have the ability to move around and even access the barbeque with ease. Normally the addition of a tender would essentially render your adventure deck useless, however in the case of the S60 I would say even a large tender would barely take up 25% of the available real estate.

Master stateroom onboard Maritimo S60
The master stateroom provides ample space and headroom throughout

Another place where the 60 again really separates itself is with its overall storage capacity. It has the largest garage that we’ve ever put in any of our M Series or S Series boats coming in at 3.2 metres longitudinally. The island hatch can be lifted on electric actuators and is capable of storing any required gear fore and aft differing again from the 55 where it’s stored transversely across the hull.

We have already taken several orders for the S60, with one owner opting to store a 3 metre Seadoo in that garage space, the boat being equipped with a 350kg davit for easy access. Even in this case there is still the option for further storage through the addition of offset hatches, allowing owners to truly maximise space onboard.

Forward of the adventure deck we have the BBQ, complete with a large top loading cooler and completely separated from the alfresco cockpit. This separation means that you won’t be bothering anyone lounging whilst operating the grill, with all the spatter and smoke kept outside.

The alfresco cockpit itself is also extremely versatile and intuitive, with an extra 2 feet of length on the S55 and a fully customisable seating layout with fixed or freestanding options.

This opens up a range of possibilities for dining, owners able to opt for a much more open feel in this area of the boat. There is also the option for bifold doors, which has been popular with owners in the past, or the option for aft and forward-facing lounging there instead. It’s a truly adaptable area of the vessel capable of comfortably seating everyone that can sleep on the boat and then some!

Plan drawing of top deck
Plan: Top Deck

You’ve said already that one of the main differences is the accommodation layout, it’s a larger master compared to the S59. What is your favourite feature of the S60? and internally what else is brand new?

My favourite feature of the S60 would have to be the combination of that adventure deck and upper cockpit alfresco area, the advantages and features of which I have already explained. Those two areas just connect so well. It is also a very welcoming space, whether you’re at the marina or arriving on a tender, it’s an impressive space on arrival and a great introduction to the boat. You step onto that hydraulic platform, and you realise just how far away those saloon doors are. It is just so expansive and versatile as a space and unlike anything I’ve ever really experienced before.

Internally as well, I think the saloon area is exceptional. Again, the dining and lounging arrangement here is customisable and versatile, with owners able to actually change the location of the dining table itself. The lounge is one coherent zone and doesn’t overlap into the galley, becoming a central area onboard which also integrates nicely with the TV position. From a dining point of view, we have tried to maintain as much space as possible, the inboard helm chair spinning round to maximise space and eliminate the need for extra furniture or resultant storage space in which extra furniture would have to be stored. It isn’t at all clunky and makes perfect sense.

In terms of accommodation the S60 is in many ways similar to the S55 as we designed these vessels together. When we designed the S55 we were really designing accommodation for a 60-foot boat, and that is why the S55 is so impressive in terms of accommodation space and layout. The S60 improves on this still, equipped with ample space onboard and providing owners with everything they could need onboard a 60-foot vessel.

The full beam master is equipped with a king bed and a generous master en-suite. The companionway features a small laundry area, and the guest cabin starboard features a large twin single arrangement which could comfortably sleep two adults.  

Then you have the forward offset queen arrangement which has become a staple of new models in the Maritimo range, that arrangement in the front cabin really rivalling boats much bigger in size. The design is ergonomic and intuitive with ample headroom throughout the entire accommodation deck. There is no stepping down to go under something and stepping back up meaning it really has the feel of vessel much larger.

Plan drawing of main deck
Plan: Main Deck

How would you say you have moved the Maritimo brand forward with the S60?

If you step back and look at the impressive exterior form and then head inside and see where we’ve come with the accommodation on the boat, it is easy to see just how far the S Series has come.

Maritimo has truly evolved the innovative outdoor spaces onboard with the adventure deck and the hardtop utility deck; spaces that you just don’t see in the industry in this category. The adventure deck in particular is something which you would usually find on a much larger boat, so introducing that to a wider boating market and making that more accessible is something we are really proud of with the S60.

Maritimo have always built high quality, innovative but trusty motor yachts and the S60 certainly stands true to that. We have created another dependable boat that allows owners to really relax at sea and enjoy their boating experience.

I was recently reading a quote from my father, Bill Barry-Cotter: “Boat building to us is not just a trade, it’s a lifelong obsession,” and that is something which still rings true with everyone at Maritimo today. For us this is a personal affair, and we are so passionate about every step of the design and manufacturing process, and that is something that we all have in common here at Maritimo. The S60 is really a byproduct of that, being not only functional and dependable, but unique and versatile too.

Plan drawing of accomodation deck
Plan: Accomodation Deck


The S60 is a perfect reinvention of the sedan in true Maritimo style, providing owners with a spacious and luxurious vessel that is unique and versatile both inside and out. Important additions like the hardtop utility deck and adventure deck really sets the S60 apart from other vessels on the market, complete moreover with modern and multifunctional interior spaces.

The S60 certainly completes the Maritimo model line-up, and we cannot wait to see what else they have instore for us in the coming months as 2021 draws to a close.

Stay tuned to for the latest from Maritimo moving forwards, and exclusive content from a range of leading brands.

Tom Baker – Editor

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