Migma is the hydrogen powered catamaran of the future

This is Migma, a concept catamaran from Spanish industrial firm Ruma Design, recognised with the A Design’s Iron Design Award 2019-2020, in the Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category. It’s beautiful, it’s elegant and luxurious, and it’s completely safe for the environment it would hypothetically explore. It’s perfection, a dream from a possible future.

As with most concepts, there are no plans to build Migma. This was a design exercise and, perhaps just as importantly, an attempt to create something new that would be so far outside the box that the box was no longer visible. As per Ruma’s statement, Migma (which means “mixture” in Greek) was designed to break naval design rules and, in the process, show what could be possible as we look towards the future.

Migma is designed to keep itself alive, inspired by nature, “protecting itself from the exterior and maintaining a warm essence inside.”

This catamaran is inspired by nature in both form and function. Ruma designers point to the fact that it would be hydrogen-powered and, thus, have no impact on the environment it explores.

Migma is minimalist, but in a way you associate minimalism with pure luxury. Measuring 180 feet (56 meters), it could serve just as well for business purposes or relaxation. The interior is rendered in the same minimalist tones, and while the prevailing impression is that it’s too sterile, there is an undeniable elegance to it.

hydrogen energy plan for migma concept
Hydrogen energy solutions are becoming more and more prominent in the marine space

Luxury amenities wouldn’t lack, though they would pale in comparison to what you can normally find on any of today’s luxury yachts. The highlight would be the core structure, the central saloon, imagined as a versatile and customisable space: this could be the formal dining area, the office for conducting business, or a family room.

Accommodation would be in two generous luxury staterooms with ensuite heads, so for a maximum of four people or two larger families. A large front electrochroamatic smart glass wall facing the ocean is mentioned in the description as a particular design element, as is an infinity swimming pool. The pool would come in handy whether the owner used this cat for business or for pleasure. All spaces on board would come with sweeping panoramic views but, one assumes, tinting glass would ensure the privacy of those onboard.

“Migma offers a minimalist feeling and luxury identity for high class society,” Ruma designers say of the design and the layout. The catamaran would sail noiselessly and without emissions, offering guests a smooth, clean and vibration-free journey. It would also offer them an unparalleled experience, thanks to the smart use of available space, efficiency, and a most unique luxury identity.

Certainly a striking concept design from the Spanish studio, with hydrogen solutions and greener options becoming more and more prevalent in the marine space.

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