NEBO products light the way for motor yacht owners

NEBO lights have unveiled a range of rugged, water resistance, rechargeable torches and when trying them out it’s not hard to see why NEBO have experienced success in 2021.

Engineered in aircraft-grade aluminium, they use the latest in LED technology to provide powerful beams and a clean colour with multiple modes and adjustable focus.

First up is the EINSTEIN Headlamp 400 RC with five modes and IPX4 water resistance.

The spotlight can provide 400 lumens output, but the 250 lumens mode is ample enough and gives 45 minutes of run-time between recharges via the micro-USB connector which sits behind a rubber grommet.

For general use the 100 lumens COB flood light gives wide coverage and 1.5 hours of runtime. The colour temperature makes it easy to see undulations and gives a good sense of depth perception. By holding down the COB button you can activate the 15 lumen red light which gives excellent light without ruining your night sight.

The headband adjuster can be tricky to keep adjusted to your head size when off, but fits comfortably when on. I wouldn’t let this minor detail put you off what is an excellent head torch.

Next up is the DAVINCI 1000 pocket torch with IP67 water resistance.

This offers 1000, 400 and 100 lumen modes that last 2 hours, 5 hours and 20 hours respectively on a single charge, as well as a 1000 lumen strobe mode – all selectable via a ring on the torch head. Recharging is again via micro-USB, this time hidden behind an aluminium screw top on the body of the torch and the replaceable 2000mAh is accessible by unscrewing the head of the torch from the body.

The 6x zoom feels more like that on a SLR camera, smoothly moving from wide to narrow beam on any of the modes. This really is an all-round torch that you can use for multiple applications which, while weighty at 233 grams, is a good size for your pocket.

Finally, we come to the mighty SLYDE KING 2K with its 2000 lumen flashlight and 500 lumen work light. All in an IPX7 rated waterproof shell.

The main beam on this, with its 4x zoom, provides either lighting over a huge range or wide coverage.

The work light is accessed by sliding the body up from the head, revealing the LEDs on the side of the body. Activating automatically, the modes are then chosen by using the same button as the flashlight, scrolling through 500 lumen white mode, which provides super wide coverage with a soft colour temperature, 4 lumen red mode and 40 lumen red strobe.

The top of the torch has two screw lids to protect the 2200mAh replaceable battery and the USB-C charging point is hidden behind a rubber grommet on the side of the torch.

There are more torches in the range, which I’m sure are built to the same high standard, and we are hugely impressed with the three revealed here. LED technology has come a long way recently and requires a good lens, quality housing and a powerful battery to make the most of it. These NEBO torches deliver on all fronts.

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