New Superyacht becomes first to be powered by Volvo Penta IPS

Sanlorenzo’s new flagship, the SX112, becomes one of the first large yachts – in the 100-130 foot range – to be powered by Volvo Penta’s Inboard Performance System (IPS). A big win for yacht builders, passengers, and the environment.

Volvo Penta and Italian boatbuilder, Sanlorenzo, have been working hand in hand on the SX line since 2016. Sanlorenzo unveiled the SX88, its first yacht in this crossover line, back in 2018 and since then there have already been some thirty units delivered. Now a new flagship joins the fleet, the SX112.

The new SX112 is powered by a quad installation of Volvo Penta D13 IPS1350 – the most powerful IPS system Volvo Penta produces – with 15 percent faster acceleration and 20 percent higher top speeds, compared to inboard shaft installations. The system powers the SX112 to an impressive max speed of 23 knots. However, speed is not everything, the SX112 can also cruise comfortably at 10-20 knots thanks to the impressive range of Volvo Penta’s IPS.

Both companies have a shared focus on sustainability. In fact, sustainability was a deciding factor for Sanlorenzo. “We see sustainability as a vital part of our design process,” remarks Luca Santella, creator of the Sanlorenzo SX line. “The Volvo Penta IPS is one of the most sustainable propulsion systems on the market today and so the decision was easy.” 

“The Volvo Penta IPS is up to 30 percent more fuel-efficient than inboard drive shafts,” states Nicola Pomi, Vice President, Marine Engines, Volvo Penta. “So, the system is both good for the environment but also allows increased distance range for the boat before having to refuel, making boating a cleaner and easier experience.”

Sanlorenzo SX112 pictured anchored from behind
A big win for yacht builders, passengers and the environment

Volvo Penta has committed to making boating easy, safe, and accessible to many. The Volvo Penta IPS encapsulates this commitment. Precise manoeuvrability has become common in smaller day boats but with the new and powerful Volvo Penta IPS1350 system larger yachts, like the SX112, can now benefit from Volvo Penta’s years of experience in the field of smart propulsion.

It is Volvo Penta IPS’ innovative design that makes it so special. The system has forward-facing, twin counter-rotating propellers that sit below the hull for incredible ‘grip’ of the water – for unbelievable manoeuvrability. The joystick makes docking – which is considered one of the most stressful aspects of boating – easier. In the SX112, the onboard Joystick Docking function is linked to four independently operating IPS drives. These individually steerable IPSs allow the captain to easily manoeuvre the vessel in any direction, aiding safe passage between tight berths. The captain can even activate the Dynamic Positioning System for greater precision. Overall, Volvo Penta IPS provides superior handling and performance than a traditional inboard shaft installation.

Volvo Penta’s IPS is renowned for its low noise and vibration levels, of up to 50 percent lower than traditional systems, and its underwater exhaust system – producing a much more enjoyable passenger environment. But the Volvo Penta IPS is also known for its compact modular design. These compact systems mean the engine room is small, which releases a lot of living space – ideal for these luxury yachts.

“The partnership between Sanlorenzo and Volvo Penta has been a proven success in recent years and the new SX112 only highlights this further,” says Luca. “We are excited about the future and to continue creating large yachts which deliver more to our customers while being conscious of the environment.”

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