Prestige Pledge Sustainability for the future

Aligning with recent urgencies, PRESTIGE has adopted a multitude of actions through the design and building process to create a more sustainable product, as have many of their partners and suppliers.

The first design feature that contributes to the overall efficiency of PRESTIGE’s sailing and motorboats is the advanced engineering and development process that focuses on reducing the size of a motor and thus reduced emissions.

This focus is mirrored in PRESTIGE’s use of Volvo IPS technology, the brand being one of the first major shipyards to do so. The combination of these two elements results in a fuel consumption reduction of 25-30 percent compared to traditional yachts of the same size.

While sustainable materials do not always directly contribute to fuel efficiency, they have a global impact on the “footprint” of the manufacturing process.  Here again, Prestige Yachts is leading boat manufacturing in the adaptation of new materials and processes.  The woods used in their interior designs are certified FSC so farmed and developed sustainably.  The coring of many of their hulls and decks use PET foam that is made of recycled plastic bottles.

Many of these GRP parts are injected and infused which reduces the release of VOC during the build process.  Prestige Yachts offers bedding, sheets and towels that are made of certified sustainable cotton and wool, so even in the use and life onboard, there are sustainable solutions.

Additionally, many of the glass-reinforced plastics are injected and infused which reduces the release of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) during the building process.

There are a multitude of actions taken throughout Prestige’s design and building process – and with many of their partners and suppliers – that improve sustainability in boating.  There are improvements every day, but it is a continuous journey to which the Prestige Yachts is committed.

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