Quick Spa unveil X10 gyrostabiliser

Quick Spa’s MC² Quick Gyro X10 gyrostabilisers are made for 35- to 45-foot yachts. Quick makes two X10 models, for AC and DC systems. Both reportedly emit noise levels below 70 decibels and use natural heat-dissipation setups that eliminate the need for water-cooling pumps. The X10′s flywheels spin around horizontal axes, distributing weight evenly over the system’s bearings. This design allows Quick to calibrate the flywheels at a higher weight, which results in faster spool-up times, fewer revolutions per minute, less heat accumulation and lower maintenance.

“The challenge was designing a gyrostabiliser more powerful than [our] X7 model [and] very compact,” says Paolo Berni, Quick USA’s managing director. “The engineering development started from a new engine capable of reaching even higher rpm—while keeping power absorption very low—and from new software [that brings its] torque release to an even higher level, more gradual and synchronised with the [boat’s] roll [motion].”

Quick makes two X10s: the MC² Quick Gyro DC, which is for 12-volt DC systems (130 amps), and the MC² Quick Gyro AC, which is for AC systems (8 amps). The X10s have a 19.5-by-23-inch footprint and weigh 664 pounds. Quick achieves the latter metric by using lightweight materials, including Ergal, an aluminum alloy with corrosion-resistant coatings. The X10s also have new anti-vibration mounts, which are smaller and quieter than their predecessors. Inside sections are treated with polymeric base materials to absorb noise and vibration.

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