Raymarine unveil YachtSense digital control system

Raymarine have today unveiled YachtSense, an advanced digital control system affording complete command and control of a vessels electrical systems. With all new modular design and industry leading safety feature, YachtSense represents the future of marine automation.

Each YachtSense Digital Control System is built upon a fully customised user experience. Bespoke user interface options deliver a modern and elegant vessel automation solution. Captains can monitor mechanical systems and take control of the vessel amenities right from the helm. From checking on generator status to setting saloon lighting for the evening, YachtSense provides effortless control allowing the captain and crew to focus on getting underway and enjoying the open water.

YachtSense has a unique modular system architecture that gives boat builders the freedom to design and standardise on a digital control solution that can scale across an entire model range. Each YachtSense system begins with the YachtSense Master Module and Power Supply Module. Next, YachtSense modules are added to complete and expand the system.

In addition to the Master and Power Modules, the system expands with Low Power Modules, High Power Modules, Reverse Modules, Signal Modules, and Remote Modules. Modules connect to specific types of devices, with up to 4 channels on each. No other digital switching system offers this much flexibility and expansion capabilities.

YachtSense systems are built to Raymarine’s demanding standards. Three layers of redundancy give captains peace of mind. An integrated keypad allows for manual override, and the LCD provides system diagnostics. Rugged IPX6 enclosures and backed by a 3-year warranty.

In the event of a network disruption, the entire system will switch to a minimal operating mode, and the Master Module keypad and LCD provide system control. All modules continue to operate during a network outage, and a manual fuse bypass provides temporary power override in the event of a module failure.

Raymarine always seem to be at the forefront of marine gear and tech, YachtSense just their latest offering in the sector. They show no sign of slowing down with new and groundbreaking technology as we enter the second half of 2021.

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