Red Paddle Co release new compact SUP

An inflatable SUP is a must-have toy on motorboats these days, but even when packed away a standard one takes up a lot of space on board. RED’s new Compact SUP is specifically designed to solve that problem.

A 10-year programme to develop the world’s most portable SUP has resulted in this new model which packs down into a backpack roughly half the size of a conventional one. Crucially it claims to have achieved this without compromising the rigidity and stability for which its boards are renowned.

The key to its compact size is a new weaving process that creates an extra-high-tensile thread matrix. Combined with a strong but malleable outer layer and a quad stringer-system to help maintain its shape, it results in a light but robust inflatable SUP with all the same riding characteristics of its bigger boards.

RED has even come up with completely new multi-section carbon fibre paddle and fin designs specifically to fit into the Compact’s smaller bag.

One of the few things that has been carried over unchanged is RED’s legendary Titan twin chamber pump that allows for rapid and effortless inflation. A split-deck pad and offset valve allows the deflated board to be folded in half then wrapped around the pump for easy packing away.

The bag itself measures 560mm x 420mm x 320mm and weighs a modest 12kg. Brushed cotton padded shoulder straps and back cushioning makes it easy to carry on and off the boat meaning you can sling it into a lazerette or tender garage without worrying about puncturing the board on the tender’s propeller.

It comes in either 9’6″ or 11’0″ sizes for those of a larger build and Red Paddle Co claim that there is very little loss of performance or stability for the kind of leisure use that most boaters will use it for despite this version being fully inflatable.

A great new option for anyone looking to bring a paddle board onboard with them but facing the problem of space. This is for sure a very well built and thoroughly engineered compact SUP.

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