Regional Tourism Satellite Accounts release data for 2019-2020

The Regional Tourism Satellite Accounts (RTSA) evaluate tourism industry activity and performance within tourism regions. The RTSA measures both the direct and indirect impacts of tourism on the economy and include metrics such as gross regional product and employment. 
The 2019-20 RTSA was released yesterday, and The Whitsundays region is the most tourism reliant region in Queensland, with 22.3% of jobs directly related to tourism.
Tourism Whitsundays Chief Executive Officer, Tash Wheeler said the data from the RTSA underlines how imperative the tourism industry is with 1 in 3 jobs supported by this sector in The Whitsundays.
“For a small region in the Heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the tourism sector punches well above its weight. The role tourism plays in The Whitsundays is not just one of bringing visitors to the region but also goes a long way towards promoting the many wonderful reasons why you would live, work and play here! These statistics highlight once again; how important it is to ensure we focus on supporting and investing in the tourism industry through the stages of recovery of COVID.”
“Each time there is a lockdown or impact due to COVID, it does not just affect the tourism industry but every business and resident within our region. The Whitsundays is a jewel in the crown of tourism in Australia with 40% of all visitation to the Great Barrier Reef departing within the region, it is no surprise that The Whitsundays is the most tourism reliant region in Queensland,” Ms Wheeler said.
For more information on the Regional Tourism Satellite Accounts, click here.

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