Servo Yachts develop technology to end seasickness

An American company plans to commercialise an electric suspension technology designed to provide seasickness relief for passengers.

California-based Servo Yachts said the new marine stabilisation design being tested on Martini 7.0, a 165-foot catamaran yacht, will relieve the effects of seasickness for roughly one-third of people who are highly susceptible to motion sickness.

According to the United States National Library of Medicine, one in three people is considered highly susceptible to motion sickness. About 80 percent of the general population is susceptible if exposed to intense movement.

Servo Yachts said that Martini 7.0, designed in conjunction with UK-based design consultancy Shuttleworth Design, incorporates new stabilisation techniques that allow the yacht to glide more smoothly through the ocean, avoiding the kinds of motion that typically cause passengers to become seasick. The firm says that the technology can be applied to any type of marine craft, including superyachts, day and work boats, ferries, navy transport craft, offshore transfer, and coast guard search and rescue vessels, among others.

The Martini 7.0’s suspension system connects the main cabin to two dynamic hulls, which adjust to the height and angle of the waves. The electric suspension technology reacts in real-time to sea movement. In effect, its dual hulls manage and absorb the roll, pitch, and heave motions induced by the ocean, providing increased comfort for passengers.

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