SFC Energy partners with Winner Yachts to supply EFOY fuel cells

SFC Energy AG a leading supplier of hydrogen and methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power supply solutions, is continuing to pursue its OEM strategy with rigor around. With immediate effect, SFC Energy rises to the rank of OEM at Winner Yachts, a brand of the Nordic Yachting shipyard.

Nordic Yachting is one of the leading European shipyards and dealers in the leisure boat sector in Europe. The multi-brand group sold more yachts and motorboats than ever before in the past year. Especially during the pandemic, the recreational boat market experienced and continues to experience a real boom.

For customers, the cooperation between Winner Yachts and SFC Energy means a number of advantages. From now on you have the opportunity to equip your dream boat with an EFOY fuel cell at a Winner Yachts dealer. The small and easy-to-install power pack is the backbone of the power supply on board every boat. In September of last year, SFC Energy announced a close cooperation with the electric boat engine manufacturer ePropulsion, clearly underlining its high level of expertise in the recreational boat sector.

The EFOY ensures the on-board power supply is reliable, quiet and environmentally friendly. As EFOY Hybrid Power, the ideal combination of fuel cell and lithium battery, it is a perfectly coordinated duo for power generation and storage. On longer sailing trips, the EFOY fuel cell can also be used to charge the battery that drives the motor.

In this way, the EFOY reliably generates environmentally friendly electricity and at the same time has the potential to reduce emissions from the combustion engines and generators usually installed on board. In this way, Winner Yachts and SFC Energy make an essential contribution to environmental protection within the yachting community and an absolute added value for their customers on every trip.

“As communicated, we want to expand our OEM strategy with well-known and innovative partners and strengthen it with complementary technologies. Winner Yachts and SFC Energy are a perfect fit in this regard. Together we want to make an important contribution to the environmentally friendly energy supply on board and enable our customers to enjoy a sailing trip with even more comfort, ”says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy AG.

“Sustainable production processes and solutions are very important to us. We are continuously working on improving ourselves in this area. It was therefore only logical to offer our customers environmentally friendly alternatives to on-board power supply. With SFC Energy we are gaining an original equipment manufacturer with 20 years of experience in the recreational boat sector. We look forward to a close cooperation, ”says Christoph Becker, owner of Nordic Yachting.

Further information on the Clean Energy and Clean Power Management solutions from SFC Energy can be found at www.sfc.com .

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