Ship Inspection campaign launched across Australian ports

Between the 15th January and 30th March 2022, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) will hold a Focused Inspection Campaign (FIC), which will apply to all non-Australian flagged ships calling Australian ports in conjunction with a normal Port State Control Inspection.

The FIC will verify that Ship Operators, Masters and crew are carrying out appropriate maintenance planning, performance and record keeping, in accordance with the ship’s Safety Management System (SMS) and with the provisions of the relevant rules and regulations.

It is the responsibility of all concerned to ensure that the Master and crew are well familiarised with their SMS’s maintenance procedures and the FIC checklist before calling at Australian ports in preparation of any PSC Inspection by AMSA.

A sample checklist to prepare for the FIC is available from AMSA’s website through the following  link.

Deficiencies resulting as part of the FIC will be reported to the regional Port State Control database and may lead to the detention of the vessel. Masters and Companies are therefore urged to use the checklist and ensure that all areas of maintenance and procedures are being diligently covered.

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