Sony unveils two new marine speaker options

Sony always lead their class when it comes to technology and sound, known worldwide for their unmatched build quality. This week Sony unveil two new marine speaker options, one being fixed the other portable.

The Sony XS-MP1611 fixed marine speakers are 16cm (6.5in) dual-cone speakers are an excellent choice at the lower to mid part of the marine speakers market price range. They offer excellent sound quality for your system at an affordable price.

With a frequency range of 45-20,000Hz they also offer better bass quality, as well as 140W of power from a dual-cone speaker that’s certified to IPX5 waterproofing standards. The rigid polypropylene woofer cone is designed to provide a rich bass and clear vocals, while optimising waterproofing and keeping weight down to only 650 grammes (1lb 7oz).

Certainly a great choice for anyone looking for a portable fixed marine speaker option to complete any system onboard.

However it could be said that waterproof portable speakers are sometimes a better option than fixed units, and Sony has that covered too.

Sony’s XG-500 portable speaker is rated to IP66 water and dust resistance and has 30 hours of battery life. It even has a fast charging feature in which a quick 10 minute charge will provide up to a further three hours of use.

Despite the need for compactness, a mix of speaker types, including passive radiators for a punchy bass, plus high efficiency tweeters, helps to produce impressive clarity across the frequency range.

The unit weighs 5.6kg and includes two USB charging ports, as well as an ambient lighting mode.

This portable option could not only act as a system for your motor yacht, you can take this with you on your tender or to shore. The flexibility offered here makes the XG-500 particularly appealing.

Overall Sony continue to pave the way in the marine speaker sector, providing plenty of options for different types of user.

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