Team Italia’s new bridge solution debuts at MetsTrade 2021

TEAM Italia (always deeply committed to its intense innovation and R&D activity) continues to amaze with its latest product, the I-Bridge® Dharma Next solution, which, after receiving excellent feedback at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021 last September, will be exhibited at METSTRADE in Amsterdam from 16 to 18 November.

This highly technological solution completely calls into question the very concept of wheelhouse, aiming to transform what was born as a purely technical space into a more convivial area, where navigation can also be enjoyed by owners and their guests.

The company has worked according to an innovative distributed electronics architecture, thus reducing and eliminating from the bridge design all the volumes usually intended to contain electronics racks. Furthermore, to offer the owner the pleasure of very comfortably enjoying the view during navigation, the concept of the classic owner’s sofa has also been reinterpreted (without ever losing sight of the theme of safety) by creating a special, fully integrated control station for the Captain.

The seats are divided by a Front Bridge, which conceals the main navigation controls, thus allowing the captain not only to manoeuvre with considerable comfort during long range navigation, but also to steer the ship in complete safety. All the information useful for navigation is always available thanks to a special Multi Conning Display system.

To construct this innovative Bridge Concept it was necessary to implement various mechatronics solutions, which allow for adapting the bridge layout to the different scenarios in which the ship will operate, according to a high level of customisation.

In addition, a 55″ Head Up display was added to this I-Bridge® solution, so that the data required for navigation is available without necessarily having to shift attention from steering the Ship.

For the new Dharma Next project, an innovative HMI (Human Machine Interface) was also created. It is completely renovated, delivering an extremely user-friendly and immediate usability result, also thanks to the innovative 3D applications applied to the part related to navigation and to the AMCS (Alarm Monitoring Control System) and propulsion system. It can all be managed by the exclusive and renewed MultiKeyboard management system, available in its various variants depending on the command post.

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