The LIFT3 from eFoil is a third generation foiling board

The LIFT3 also known as eFoil e3 was announced March 29th 2021. Three years after the first commercially available electric hydrofoil worldwide was launched by Lift Foils. The E-Foil market leader from Puerto Rico (USA) has now launched their third generation.

Lift Foils has spent over a decade creating foiling experiences and released its original eFoil in 2018. Lift launched ten years ago and is not only the the maker of the first eFoil but also for classic hydrofoils, custom foils, wings, and boards for discerning customers who want the best out of their gear.

The eFoil is a surfboard powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery and electric propulsion system that allows riders to levitate over water. As the first company to bring such a groundbreaking watercraft to market, Lift continues to push boundaries at the forefront of a worldwide revolution in surf with its newest eFoil lineup. 

Lift’s 2021 new eFoil board lineup includes the LIFT3, and the LIFT3 Elite (shipping in June 2021), granting riders an enjoyable personalised experience and the sensation of surfing and flying all in one. The eFoil is easy for people of all athletic capabilities to learn, and anyone can effortlessly experience the incredible sensation of soaring over the water. The 2021 lineup’s enhancements and varying price points gives now even more flexibility for e-foilboard users.

After three years of board design and feedback from thousands of eFoils users, the LIFT3 has now officially come to life. The LIFT3 is the most advanced and innovative eFoil yet and offers best-in-class specifications across all product categories: durability, weight, manoeuvrability, battery life, customisation, and speed according to Lift Foils.

The LIFT3 boasts a plethora of brand new features listed here:

  • The new 2021 Lift Foils eFoils allow all riders to experience the thrill of flying over the water, with best-in-class specs across all categories.
  • The LIFT3 and LIFT3 Elite are the company’s newest personal water vehicles, available in four completely new board sizes, providing the world’s most sophisticated adventure, and using the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology.
  • The 2021 lineup offers a customisable experience with 9 advanced hydrofoil wing options to pair with the Lift boards .
  • The new eFoils are the lightest, most durable, longest-lasting, fastest, and most customisable on the market, setting a new standard for personal water sports.

Certainly an exciting new product from LIFT and we cannot wait to see the LIFT3 in action. For more information visit the LIFT website here.

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