The Ocean Eco 90 can achieve Transatlantic crossings on 100% electric power

The Ocean Eco 90 is one of the newer ships to come out of Alva Yachts, a relatively new face in the yachting industry, having been around only since 2020. However, the company does trace its lineage to six years earlier, under the name Pica Yachts. Over the years, this yacht builder has even grown to share technologies with Volkswagen and Fischer Panda, all with the goal of electrifying our future.

As far as electrification goes, the Eco 90 is a vessel designed to run exclusively on electric power. If you or anyone else decides they want an Eco 90, expect to dish out at least 5 million EUR (5,657,000 USD at current exchange rates) to own one, but if you do, you’ll be able to cruise the world with nothing more than the power of the sun and hydrogen fuel cells.

In order to get a clear understanding of the Eco 90, a few specifications are in order. Overall, the 90 comes in with a length of just 27.5 meters, roughly 90 feet, hence the name. And while that may seem small, a beam of 14 meters (46 feet) offers a massive platform upon which to build a superstructure. With a draft of 1.2 meters (3.9 feet), coastal cruising is achievable without question.

Two engine options exist; the first is the full-electric system, while the second is a hybrid diesel-electric setup. No matter the propulsion you choose, your Eco 90 will cruise around with a max speed of 10 knots (11.5 mph) while hitting the red around 16 knots (18.4 mph).

One benefit of catamarans is that they have a much smaller surface area in contact with water. This naturally leads to a more efficient vessel as there’s less friction to deal with; one reason why this ship can handle Atlantic crossings without needing to refuel. Another system that helps this efficiency is the never-ending array of solar panels tattered all over the Eco 90. The hardtop above and some of the superstructure offers all the juice you need to run appliances and engines.

Ocean Eco 90 solar panel close up
The hardtop is laden with an array of solar panels

As for remaining exterior features, the 90 is designed to have guests and owners spending as much time outside as possible. Because of that wide beam, countless exterior spaces are revealed.

At the front of the main deck, a massive outdoor lounge with tables, L-shaped seating, and space to store toys is found. To head aft, the sides of the superstructure yield plenty of space to walk towards the rear without needing to enter the interior.

Aft, another lounge takes place, this time equipped with a large tanning bed and a couple of tables. A beach deck can be set up below by lowering a connecting platform between the two hulls.

Something particularly notable about the design of the 90 are the bedrooms and crew quarters housed in the hulls. This leaves the rest of the ship open to social lounges, dining halls, and an entertainment center, all of which are in place.

If you want to get a true feel of what the interior may end up looking like, do check out the gallery. Don’t have time for that? Well, just to be clear on things, the interior features a simple yet elegant design where composite materials help bring balance to heavy use of fabrics and semiprecious metals, not to mention wood and LED lighting.

Happen to have fallen in love with the Eco 90? One feature owners have in store for their suite is the ability to lower a hull segment to create a platform on which to sunbathe, dine, or spend some alone time.

You already know how much the Ocean Eco 90 costs, you know what it features, and you know darn well if you can afford it, so get moving to catch the new wave of eco-friendly yachting.

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