Torrens give us a preview of the upcoming Superyacht Technology Conference

Technology onboard super yachts is as ever changing as technology on the mainland. It’s just a little bit more exciting when a new innovation is thrust onto market that hasn’t been seen before in the super and mega yacht worlds. The Superyacht Techology Conference and Exhibition will be held at the World Trade Centre in Barcelona.

A chance for exhibitors, buyers and brokers globally to take in what’s upcoming and new within the world of superyacht technologies. Hosting inspiring global leaders within superyacht technology as well as immersive hands on demonstrations and workshops for all discerning yacht owners and purchasers alike to view and truly experience the next generation of onboard technologies. Torrens Luxury Collection give us a look at the top 3 most exciting aspects of this new and inspiring event:

  1. With a focus on TEDX style talks, innovators, leaders and tech speakers will be able to have access to a huge range of attendees in order to address questions, speak at length and show off new technologies that will make the future of yachting a dream come true.
  2. Environmental innovation will be at the forefront of the event, with a focus on green technologies that are emerging into the yachting market from 2021 and onwards. Realistic talks on Hydrogen engines will be taking place, as well as that of the world’s first solar superyacht. 
  3. Brand leaders including Sony, Lufthansa and Samsung are also a large focus of this exciting technological event, with all three massive names showcasing a range of new and innovative technology with a focus on superyacht ideas and products.

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